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Aligatocoinico team is working on a fresh-generation auction-sale platform, based on AliCoin crypting and blockchain technology. Alicoin is being upon the already existing platform that is famous and enjoys the best opinion among its users. Thanks to the AliCoin virtual currency emission and the set of funds via ICO, we will be capable to significantly speed up the Aligatocoin development and project, and definitely globalization of firm services.
To know more about Aligatocoin

Aligatocoinvision is to make life simpler for people by providing them with special, pioneering solutions that the new technological achievement, permit while maintaining universal and verified methods where they function without any issues.

Aligatocoin wallet

A securewallet based on state-of-the-art security systems. A completely optimized app for mobile gadgets you will forever have AliCoin with you. The chance of gaining passive profits owing to proof-of-stake a quick and comfortable system for direct micropayments in many locations worldwide, integrated with the PvE technology.

ICO-targeted attacks

In linewith the growth of the status of ICO as the way to get capital, grows the cyber attack threat present in the digital currency. In the first half of 2017 alone, almost ten percent of all the investment invested in ICO at the Ethereum platform was stolen by hackers (the full amount of the stolen part of investments being $15- million value). The best example of the growth in the number of hits could be the recent hit focused on the CoinDash project that was getting funds via ICO.

Token value

Aligatocointhe carrier of worth, virtual currency is accessible just and only in its non-material type, and it does not have its center issuer who could control its rates against the traditional financial units (such as the Euro, or Dollar). The digital currency supply, which charges at its constant and pre-determined price.

Aligatocointo the above, digital currencies is in danger of considerable exchange rates fluctuations. Some digital currency projects may drop down or may go up by 2 or 3 times in the matters of just a few days. The largest of the drops and growth in the pricing are caused by financers emotional approach. Digital currencies are also more open to speculative attacks than other currencies.

Attract investors

To issuetokens, the blockchain technology is put into use and those who help the particular project and trust in the particular enterprise turning out successful at the time also count on a large profit linked with the rise in the worth of the digital currency obtained in exchange for the contribution of the capital. The capital collected via ICO will also serve for the future stages of the growth of Aligato project.

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