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There Are Many Reasons That Make Cleveland, Ohio, a Good Place to Live

Cleveland, Ohio. The very name used to bring sneers into the face of non-Clevelanders. But I've found that what people used to call "The Mistake on the Lake" is still a very desirable place to live. Cleveland homes are available in all shapes and sizes and at every price range. In Cleveland homes for sale are found in most areas of city. Click For More Info Best happy hour restaurants in cleveland

My favorite thing about the town is that it actually has neighborhoods. If you drive along many of the town streets, you notice that they are lined with old buildings containing small shops. These little shops consist of restaurants that are not a component of any national series and little stores which sell items you just don't find in the mall. There are bicycle stores and karate schools and tiny groceries.

Another attraction is the diversity. It's a city of great ethnic diversity. The faces on the street cover the full range of human colors, and have roots in most countries in all parts of the planet. And these areas represent this diversity. The same little neighborhood might have a Lebanese restaurant, a Russian grocery shop, and Joe's, a good-old American hamburger joint. The Russian grocery store is very interesting. There's no pretense involved. It's genuinely Russian. Oriented toward the regional Russian population, every tag, if on a canned good or even a piece of fresh pork, is in Russian. Additionally, it is full size, using a complete meat counter and frozen food department. In a nearby neighborhood there is a small, old-fashioned neighborhood theater. This area also has a fun little store that sells novelty and retro items such as old lunch boxes, bald wigs, and frightening bugs.

The cultural aspect of the city is rich with opportunities. The Cleveland Museum of Art is a place where art lovers and art haters can come together to enjoy the beauty. Beyond the museum is your charming statue of this Turtle Baby. Inside is a large room filled with shining armor. (But do not attempt to take any photos of the armor. The No-No Man will tell you it is forbidden.) The Cleveland Orchestra is a world-class symphony orchestra that has been led by a series of conductors that will live on in audio history. Whether you listen to them in Severance Hall or the Blossom Music Center, you'll have an evening of musical enjoyment.

At the other end of the musical spectrum is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This can be a building with several reasons to like it. First is its location. It is found on the shore of beautiful Lake Erie. The second is its revolutionary architecture. It adds a gorgeous, contemporary look to the skyline of Cleveland. But visitors to the Hall of Fame do not go there for the view of the lake or a research of structure. They are there to ROCK AND ROLL. Every floor is crammed full of significant rock and roll memorabilia. To mepersonally, a girly girl, the very interesting display is of the numerous costumes worn by famous rockers in their most unforgettable concerts.

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