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How to Import Contacts to Microsoft Outlook From Microsoft Excel

The article intends to describe the procedure of importing contacts from Microsoft Excel into Microsoft Outlook using simple instructions. Though we've tried to compile the simple and reliable information in this guide, it is still suggested that you follow the instructions carefully to avoid facing any issue.

Users frequently use their Microsoft Outlook to save and further use large number of personal data such as contacts, emails etc.. Importing is one of those practices that consumers perform to transfer data into Outlook for further use. You might want to import your Excel sheet contacts into Outlook for a range of factors. But, it is not possible to immediately import contacts from Excel into Outlook. You will have to do a small workaround to do the importing. Sounding difficult? Thinking about contacting Microsoft technical support for assistance? Do not worry. You don't have to get in touch with your Microsoft technical help since we've brought you this step-by-step guide which can allow you to import your Excel contacts in to Microsoft Outlook painlessly.


Export from Excel:

First of all, you would have to export the contacts from Excel spreadsheet to a CSV (comma separated value) file using these simple instructions. If your Excel sheet(s) contains data into different columns such as Name, Phone number, Email address etc., then click the File menu on top and click the Save As alternative. After the Save As window comes up, select a folder in the dropdown menu near the Save box, then provide a title to the document for example 'excel contacts' (or a name of your choice) in the File name box, pick CSV (Comma delimited) in the dropdown menu of Save type box, and click the Save button. Now you are finished exporting Excel contacts to a CSV file.

If your Excel sheet does not contain column-divided information, then it's recommended you do so. To accomplish this, put in a blank cell to the Excel sheet and divide data into different columns such as Name, address etc.. As soon as you are finished doing this, follow the same process to export the information to a CSV file format.

Import into Outlook:

If you are importing Excel contacts in to the present Contacts folder in Outlook, then utilize this method. Open Outlook, Click the File menu at the top, and select Import and Export. After the Import and Export wizard window opens, select Import from another program or document, and then click the Next button. Beneath the Import a File window, click Comma Separated Values (Windows), and click Next. If you realize that the file displayed in the File to import box will be the document the right file (in this instance 'excel contacts' that we created while exporting), click on the Next button (allow the copies to be generated if you are in doubt by choosing among the three options on precisely the same window before clicking on the Next button), and click on the Finish button to close the window. If you realize that the file is not the desired one, then click on the Browse button to find the file, double click it to start (such as 'excel contacts'), select Allow duplicates option (if you would like to), and then click on the Next button. Should you doubt that the columns in Excel spreadsheet will not properly map to the Outlook fields, select Map custom fields choice before clicking on the Finish button.

If you are trying to import contacts to some other folder rather than into the existing folder, then make a new folder. Open Outlook, right Click the Contacts folder, and select New Folder. Give a name to the folder and then click the OK button to close the window. Now follow the same procedure to get the Import and Export wizard and start importing.