How Do I Become Successful and Be Happy

The Mind Set of the Successful Entrepreneur

What sets apart a successful entrepreneur from people who aren't successful, whether in their own little company, or in work? Looking externally, the entrepreneur is a regular, regular person exactly like everyone else - that they need to eat, have a roof above their head, they have obligations, to themselves, their families, their communities.
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They have their own idiosyncrasies, fears and challenges too, exactly like everyone. Yet, somehow they've obtained their energy, resources and abilities and generated something exceptional - a business which adds value to society, is rewarding, and with these companies and their lifestyles are leading a life of purpose, profits and fire.

Placing a regular person next to the successful entrepreneur, at first glance, you would not be able to tell them apart. Nevertheless both of these proverbial examples would be doing drastically different things that lead them to substantially different outcomes. To locate the reason, we'll have to examine the main cause of their activities, that's the mindset.


The mindset of a individual encompasses many distinct matters - how he perspectives and defines this life of ours Earth, his goal, his self, his beliefs and his values. It's this mindset of this individual which defines how he views or interprets what is going on around him, and the way he gives them meaning. It is the significance of these events and his scenarios that will determine his emotional state and thus the decisions he or she makes. These decisions will in turn determine his activities, and his or her results.

It's because the outcomes of the successful entrepreneur and the ordinary man are so different, which we can attribute the root cause of it to be the difference in mindset. So what makes the mindset of the thriving entrepreneur different?

Owning Your Own Destiny

First and foremost, the successful entrepreneur does not blame the reason for his success or failure on luck, other people, the government, the economy. He may or may not think in the existence of a divine being, or even the one-ness of this world, but regardless lives by the saying 'If it is to be, it is up to me.'

In other words, the first thing to be successful is that of owning your personal life and fate. Know what's inside your control, including your emotions, your actions, the people that you associate with, and your attitude. Successful people bulldoze past bad luck, barriers, naysayers, fears and risks through thinking that whatever they imagine, they can make happen with the right approach and perseverance.


One common characteristic found in successful people is that they have a solid vision for what they would like to realize. By way of example, Bill Gates' vision when he started Microsoft was that every household would have a personal computer. He believed in the positive life-changing force that computers represented and developed a strong and motivating personal vision for it. It is described that this big vision pulls the entrepreneur towards it, rather than him having to push tiresomely.

Doing Whatever It Takes

The successful entrepreneur also commits to doing whatever it takes to making his vision come true. This is the definition of commitment and truly what makes them succeed, for most people run at the first sight of blood. The moment something goes wrong, they say, "That's it, this isn't the right thing for me personally. I understood it would not work anyhow." Successful entrepreneurs know that their success, or at least their next level of success, lies behind the obstacle that lies just behind them.

How many stories of successful entrepreneurs have you heard, where the entrepreneur loses his house, his car, his relationships, in order to see through his business? The lessons from these stories are not proverbial. In your journey as an entrepreneur you will be challenged, and there will be times where you will have to make very difficult choices, to either push on to do whatever it takes, or to give up. In order to succeed, you have to see things through, and that requires doing whatever it takes.

Being Decisive and Taking Action

Richard Branson famously said "I will make any decision in just 60 minutes" Being an entrepreneur, time is never on your side. Technology, consumer tastes, competition move fast and if you don't keep up, you may face being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and failing in your venture. In order to move fast and stay ahead of the market, you will have to not only have a keen eye for trends and what is to come, but you will have to be decisive.

Most people balk at the idea of the heavy responsibility of making an important decision. The weight of peoples' expectations - partners, customers, employees, family and friends, can be unnerving. Successful entrepreneurs take decisions in their stride, one at a time, and do what is best, even if it's difficult.

Continuous Improvement and Humility

One key question marketers ask themselves all the time is "How can I make this better?" They constantly ask this about the world around them, the methods they interact with, the services and products they utilize, and most of all, their own being, even in regards to work and life. A lot of people may think that being powerful, wealthy and famous, a successful entrepreneur would be permitted to say "Well, that's it. I've learnt all I need to learn."

Counter-intuitively, it's actually the nature of humility and continuous improvement that drives successful entrepreneurs to where they are. After Jack Welch, the renown ex-CEO of General Electric, was asked what he looked for in any offender, he said "The first thing I look for is candor." Candor is the attribute of being frank, in providing opinions, opinions, and going about work. That is exactly what the successful entrepreneur looks for, individuals who surround him that always give frank and constructive feedback, constantly challenging him to make things better.


Last but not least, the successful entrepreneur is driven by a sense of participation. They know that they exist as part of a bigger community and as a inhabitant of this world we reside. In order to make life better for everyone, each one of us has to play a role and donate. It's with this knowledge that successful entrepreneurs analyze the world as it is, and determine what problems exist and how they can make things better.

It's with this particular drive that these entrepreneurs can escape bed with electricity to perform the extraordinary things that they do. If you are driven solely by a selfish reason of financial reward or the picture of drinking cocktails on a shore, then it is likely that one day, when you're feeling challenged, exhausted or demotivated, you'd tell yourself "I don't need this money. I don't need these challenges. I don't need the cocktails." And just cease. Consider what your participation, your legacy, in this lifetime is.

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