Mailchimp pros and cons

MailChimp - The Newest Marketing Strategy

In the changing times of social media websites and prevalence of the Internet, many companies are relinquishing their reliance on telemarketing services and looking for more effective ways to market to the Google generation. Business to business telemarketing previously provided strategic means for businesses to connect through the usage of mobile systems. The success of b2b telemarketing has spawned maybe another generation of the type of telemarketing, and the end result might be MailChimp. While telemarketing depends on the telephone, MailChimp is strictly computer and Internet based.
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So what's MailChimp? MailChimp is a completely free email marketing service which might be attractive for company or private use as a tactical way to target and market to people through using email rather than via the telephone. MailChimp enables users to design, send and track email campaigns, by signing up for a free account.

Many might be concerned about how receiving emails from a company might seem, but as one reviewer said, 'MailChimp was designed for people of the Google Generation.' The emails offered by MailChimp are bright, welcoming and fun to any user who opens the marketing email. MailChimp permits for a great number of people to be reached at once by allowing the user to upload all contacts and divide them to multiple lists, which may then be exported to an excel file for company functions.

Furthermore, any email which doesn't reach the receipient, also called an email being 'bounced,' is deleted by the MailChimp contact listing. To ensure the proper consumers are attained, MailChimp has a spam test add on ($39) that functions for email accounts on Yahoo, Hotmail, Google in addition to others. The Spam detector analyzes the Spam score (or how often it enters spam hyperlinks) as well as formatting mistakes from HTML code which is all done before you send the message.

Making it even more user friendly, MailChimp provides a setup wizard who walks the new user through each of the benefits in addition to how to maximize the marketing potential of the program. Since MailChimp is among the latest marketing strategies, its efficacy remains to be ascertained. MailChimp's easy user friendly face, in addition to its revolutionary techniques might signify the end of classic telemarketing, and also the beginning of email marketing.

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